Prints & Albums

Yay! You have your photos back!

My hope is that they capture every aspect of your love and will bring a smile to your face for years to come. 
If you can't get enough of them and want to put them in the physical form, this is for you.

Before I dive in. Here is the low down. You have full printing rights. That means you can order as many prints and/or albums as you want from any source that you want.

For convenience you can also purchase prints and albums through me!


Ok, Here Are The Deets

First, full disclosure: you can find cheaper places to print. However, I can assure you, if you order through me you will get the highest quality available. I also make the process as easy for you as possible and save you the headache of searching through different brands, asking for samples, and designing your own albums. 

For prints, you can order directly through the online gallery I sent you. It's very easy to do, select the picture you want printed and choose from a variety of sizes and designs. All of the prices are listed on the website. You can also order photo books through the site. These books are self designed (you simply select the photos you want and it will be printed one photo per page). These are different than the deluxe leather albums I design and sell.

For deluxe leather albums, I design the album for you and most pages will have multiple photos. I send the design to you for approval/feedback and I won't place the order until its exactly how you want it. More on these below. 


Album Pricing

When I decided I wanted to add album sales, I looked at hundreds of sample albums to choose the highest quality possible.

I found one in particular that stood out above all the others. The thickness of the pages and the softness of the leather cover is to die for and is an amazing home for your memories. 

I order these albums through a professional printing service exclusively available to professional photographers.

All albums include up to 25 spreads (50 pages) and embossing on the cover.

12x12 $800
10x10 $725
8x8 $650

Additional spreads can be added for $25/spread (up to 40 spreads/80 pages)

Walnut Presentation Boxes can be added for $250



Can we choose our cover material? Yes. They are all leather, but if you decide to purchase, I'll send you the swatches of the different materials. 

Can we look at an album first? Yes. I have a sample album that I am happy to show you!