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hiiiii friend!!! it feels so surreal that people have started to reach out to learn from me because it wasn’t that long ago I was in your same position. But something that helped me grow really quickly was education from other photographers. I went to workshops and had mentors and learned things that would have taken me years and years to figure out on my own!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning new things every day (and think education should never stop), but I am super excited to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve learned! I’ve always had a big passion for teaching and I really believe nobody gets to where they are alone. I’m also a huge proponent of making our industry as a whole stronger, so I don’t have time for people that get really competitive and secretive about stuff they know. That' ain’t me.

I’m going to be filling up this page with free resources and blog posts on all the topics I can think of. If you have any topics you want me to cover, please reach out!!! And if you want to learn from me in person, here’s more info!


mentor sessions

I’m super excited to start offering mentor sessions!! I will organize a shoot for us, I will show you my camera settings, exactly how I direct my couples, and then we will edit together! I’ll talk about how I edit and how to find your unique editing style. We’ll grab some coffee (or tacos!?) and talk about all things business. Anything from branding to marketing to client experience. I want this to be about you and what you want to work on the most. I’m a totally open book.




gear list

canon 5d mark iv

canon 35mm 1.4

canon 50mm 1.4

canon 85mm 1.8


free resources

How I Booked My First Wedding

How I Booked My First Wedding

6 Programs I Can’t Live Without

6 Programs I Can’t Live Without

5 Tips for Posing

5 Tips for Posing