Should I do a First Look???


This is probably the most common question I get asked by brides so let’s talk about it!

First of all, there is no right answer to this. It all comes down to how your want your wedding day to go. There are definitely pros from a photography standpoint, but don't let your photographer talk you into doing a first look if you're not 100% into it. This is your day, so make sure you do everything how you want.

But let's look into how each way works on your wedding day to help you make a decision.


First Looks 

As you probably know, a first look is when you set aside some time before the ceremony see each other for the first time. You can go to any location you choose and your photographer will take photos of your private moment together. 

The big logistical pro is that you can break up your photos. Instead of doing all bridal party, family, and bride + groom photos after, you can do half before and half after, or even most before. This makes it easier on your timeline and also on you (taking 100s of pictures does get tiring!!). It’s also nice for your guests so they don't have to wait around as long for you to get to the reception.


Here are some other pros to a first look.

It’s a private moment for just the two you. You can talk to each other during this time and hug and really soak it in. For some people, they would rather do this before the ceremony and have it private. For other people they want it be experienced with all their guests, totally a personal decision.

Another thing you can do with this moment, is read each other letters or your vows. I've had couples who do NOT want to read their vows in front of all their guests, but they'll do personal vows when it’s just them and standard vows for their ceremony. 

During first looks I step back and take pictures from afar. I really want it to be a moment for you so I don't want you to feel like you have to react a certain way for me. I have heard people fear that first looks will be awkward. They feel like they have to "perform" in a way, and this is not at all what I want. But I think this comes down to personality and why first looks are not for everyone. 

Something I’ve had couples tell me is that the first look didn't take away anything from the aisle look. They said they were still so excited that this was the moment they were getting married that they still laughed and cried and smiled while walking down the aisle. They said they weren't as nervous since they already saw each other so it made it even more fun. I think that's really cool because I know taking away from that moment can stop a lot of people from choosing a first look. 

Really think about what it would be like to do a first look and make sure you talk to your fiance about it and see what they want as well. It can be a great idea, but I know it’s not for everyone.


Aisle Looks

Aisle looks are preferred by some people because they're more traditional. For some people it is a lifelong dream waiting for this moment. In which case do it!! Don't let anyone talk you out of it! 


It’s a really exciting moment and there is lots of anticiaption for it. Sometimes all this anticipation can create super emotional moments.

If you have a small family or a short list of family photos, you can still get through them super quickly afterwards. Also, remember, it’s your wedding and everyone has to wait for you anyway. 

These are all the pros I've seen and heard. But don't just take it from me. Here are some other articles about pros and cons of both. And in the end, remember either way works just fine, there's really no wrong decision! xx