surprise proposal in Shaver Lake


This was my first surprise proposal and it was so much fun!!!!!!!

Trent teamed up with two of his best friends and they planned this super epic proposal. I met with the friends ahead of time, we set up this cute little spot by the lake complete with champagne and then we waited.

I just sat on a rock pretending to be a tourist and then became a major creep as they got closer and I pointed my camera at them. Also, it was so funny because their dogs ran right up to me and I tried to play it so cool, but probably didn’t hahaa. But it didn’t matter because it was already happening!!! Tilly (who thought they were just walking their dogs at the beach) saw the blanket and started putting it together. Then Trent got down on one knee and obviously SHE SAID YES!!!! Her reaction was my very favorite ever and it was the best getting to be there for this. Can’t wait to do more surprise proposals!!


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