Los Angeles Location Guide


Engagement shoots are one of my favorite things to do! They're super low key, we have tons of time to get to know each other and we can do them anywhere!! In order to make our shoot a personalized experience, here are my top recommendations--

1. Pick somewhere that has meaning to you guys. The place where you got engaged, where you had your first date, where you met, somewhere you really like to spend time! Any of these make for extra special photos!

2. Make a trip out of it. Going on a little weekend getaway, renting an airbnb and spending time together in an awesome location is a great time to do engagement photos! You guys will feel extra connected, ready to explore, and its a great memory from your trip! Here are some amazing places around Southern California—

Palm Springs
Joshua Tree
Big Bear
Santa Barbara

I could keep going, but really anywhere you guys want to go is awesome!!


There are also tons of amazing locations right in LA (and the surrounding areas). And if you don’t have anywhere is mind, here are my favorites! This is far from an all inclusive list, and I'm ALWAYS down to go new places, but should give you some options! And these all have links to photos I have taken there.

Point Dume

This spot is out in Malibu, I love it here because you can get some green hills up on the cliffs and also beach photos! There’s a little bit of walking to get up on the cliffs, but nothing major.

Parking: Easy, costs $10




Sandstone Peak

Maybe my favorite location in LA, its the highest peak in the Santa Monica mountains and the views are insane! The only thing about this spot is it does require about a 1.5 mile hike uphill to get there. Not for everybody, but totally worth it if you want to go on a little adventure!

Parking: Easy & free



Griffith Park

Classic LA location. I’m a huge lover of nature shoots, but I love Griffith because you can get nature with a little urban feel. The sun sets right behind downtown LA so its a really great place to go at sunset. Only negative, is that is always insanely busy. Be prepared to meet early so we can park and maybe walk a long way. If you want pictures at the observatory, sunrise is really the only option to avoid other people in the photos (and just to have room to move around!).

Parking: difficult, but free if you don’t mind walking



Vasquez Rocks

I’ve only shot bridals here, but its such an underrated spot! I always suggest this spot to people who tell me they love Joshua Tree, but that it’s too far away. You get the same desert vibe, lots of amazing rock formations, and its usually not very busy.

Parking: Easy & free



Malibu Creek State Park

In the summer this place has the most golden grass that just glows in the sunlight! In the winter its more green and lush and equally beautiful. The mountains make an amazing backdrop! To get to my favorite spot in the park is about 10-15 minute walk, but all of it is pretty, so we can stop anywhere for photos.

Parking: Easy, $10

Another thing I like to do is drive up the canyon roads right behind the park and you can just pull over and get views of the mountains at a different angle. This is more limited, you’ll really only get one background, but its a great option if you want to do a second location after since there’s no walking involved. The second picture shows the view I’m talking about.


Crystal Cove State Park

A lot of the locations so far have been in Malibu (and there’s more coming), but this is a great spot if you live further south and don’t want to drive to Malibu. This is another spot with trails and greenery on one side and beach on the other. My favorite kind of location where you can get 2 totally different looks.

Parking: Easy, $10



Palos Verdes Peninsula

There are lots of great trails in this area with cliffs and amazing ocean views. I haven’t explored them all, but one of my favorites is Ocean Trails Preserve. There’s a short walk to get to the cliffs and then more trails down to the beach. A great spot to get a few different' looks without driving anywhere new. *This picture was taken in the spring, wildflowers are not there year round*

Parking: Easy & Free



El Matador

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach, this is probably the most photogenic beach I’ve ever been to. The rock formations and cliffs make photos so much more interesting and sunsets here are pretty unbeatable.

Parking: Free on PCH or $3/hr in the lot



Again, this list is not all inclusive, and we can make anywhere look beautiful! I also really want the location to speak to you. It will make the photos that much more special and be truly representative of you two.

If you want more info about any of these spots or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!! xx