I say this a lot, but ELOPEMENTS, MAN. They are so freaking cool to be a part of. It’s hard to describe just how special it is to meet two people for the first time and then be a part of one of the most important moments of their life!! I get to be there when not even their closest family and friends are. I always feel like I have such a deep connection to my couples after their elopements.

Anyway, this day was no exception!!! On top of it all, they got married in the most beautiful place in the world, Big Sur!!! They knew the general area where the ceremony would take place, but we scouted it out beforehand and found the dreamiest ceremony spot together!!!

Afterwards we caught sunset at the beach!!! It was the windiest day ever, but we all embraced it like champs. They even walked up the steepest, sandiest hill to get some amazing cliffside photos that I’m in love with!! But somehow it was even windier up there! In the middle of taking photos I noticed all of our stuff blew over and started rolling down the hill. Us running after it is not pictured.

The day ended with the most epic champagne pop ever. Overall, the best day!!