belize mayan ruin elopement


Still pinching myself that this really happened!!!!! Lana + Moe decided to have the coolest wedding ever, so they eloped at a mayan ruin in Belize!!! And they flew me out to capture it!! Absolutely unreal!!

This day was about 95 degrees with 95% humidity and everytime I look at these pictures I’m in awe of how incredible these two look!! Jordan and I were there literally DRIPPING in sweat. We were all probably only a few minutes away from heat exhaustion running around these ruins, but I think it was all sooooo worth it!!!

Turns out, Belize is the only place in the world where you can get married ON A MAYAN RUIN. So I’m trying to convince way more people to do the same. They spent a week island hopping on sea planes, cave tubing, exploring the jungle, and eating all the good food before eloping at Altun Ha on their last day in Belize. I can’t think of a better way to elope!