This is a little different than most of my blog posts because while I'm still going to show off my gorgeousssss couples, I also wanted to treat it more like a travel log and give my experience and tips to help you plan your trip! So here are the places we went, where we stayed, and what I what I would do differently next time.

I traveled with 5 other photographers and 2 couples. We did the trip in 4 days, but 2 of those were travel days, so we were only there 2 full days, yet we did a ton!! Here is the break down--



This might have been my favorite place we went! I was so obsessed with this waterfall. It's huge, unlike any waterfall I've seen before, because you can get so close to it! You can really walk right up to it. There's also a hike you can walk up along the falls (a lot of stairs) and the trail continues on for about 3 miles along a bunch of smaller waterfalls. We didn’t do the whole hike, we just went to the top, but it looked like really fun if you have the time! In case I didn’t talk it up enough, this is probably my #1 recommendation to see from the whole trip.  


Solheimasandur Plane Wreck

If you’re a photographer or follow photographers I'm sure you've seen this before, (or maybe you've seen that Justin Bieber music video). But if you didn't know, there is a plane on the beach in Iceland! It crashed in the 70s and they left it because it's really cool (also, I learned everyone survived!). This place was really neat, its about a 2 mile hike to get out to it and 100% worth it. It's a really crazy hike, we kept saying that we felt like we were on the moon. It's flat and you walk along black sand the entire way. When you get there you can go on top of it and in it and its just really cool.


Black Sand Beach

After the plane wreck, we had lunch in the cutest town of Vik. We went to this great brewery, had Icelandic beer, and could see our next location from there. These places are all super close together its amazing. Black Sand Beach was one of the places I had seen in a lot of pictures and I was so excited about it!! It had this huge cave and crazy rock formations.


Natural Arches

Ok, I probably just keep saying the same things, but everywhere in Iceland is amazing!!! Check out these killer views. Also one of the best parts about all of these places above is that they are really close together! Like within a few miles so you can do them all in a (very long) day.


Blue Lagoon

I'm not going to lie I was hesitant to come here. It's a little pricey and it seemed like it was just going to be another overcrowded hot spring. But it was really fun. There are a lot of people, but it was also a really nice facility and really cool to see. The water is crazy blue!! And while it is expensive the cost does include a free beverage at the swim up bar!! Major bonus


The 2nd best part about Iceland is that you can go for super cheap! If you haven't heard about WOW airlines, check it out. I was able to go roundtrip, nonstop, for $260. The catch is you have to pay A LOT for extra bags, so I suggest packing really light. I did and still brought 2 cameras, a tripod and extra shoes in one carry-on so I know you can do it. Pro tip-- wear your biggest coats to the airport :)

Just be prepared to spend a lot of money on food. It isn’t cheap there. At Taco Bell a crunchwrap supreme was $15. You definitely coulld save money grocery shopping and cooking, but we just weren’t there long enough to make it worth it, and almost never at our airbnb.

We stayed in Reykjavik. Which was really fun! We were able to walk to cute coffee shops and restaurants and of course had to check out the bar scene on our last night. It was super convenient to everything, and I loved it. HOWEVER, when I go back I would try to stay in or near Vik or somewhere else out of town. It was closer to a lot of the amazing sites I listed above so it would cut out a lot of the driving and I'd be able to see some of the things we didn't get to. I’ve also heard of people who just drive around the whole island as camp along the way and I totally want to add that to my bucket list. We really just saw the west and south side of the country and I know there is so much more to see!!!

Other than where to stay, the only thing I would do differently next time would be to see some of the sites we didn’t get to this time. In particular, Fjaðrárgljúfur and some ice caves (apparently there are a lot of them). Since I don’t have any pictures at these places I’ll just let you google them, but they look incredible. If we had more time we definitely would have gone and are top on my list for next time!! We also tried to see the northern lights, but it was always to cloudy, so that’s on my list as well!

Hope this helps a little as you plan your trip or just convinces you to buy a plane ticket and go!!