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So excited you've made it this far!!! You have no idea how excited I get about this job and all the amazing couples I get to photograph!! I'm guessing you've made it to this page because you felt a connection to my work and that probably means we're going to be a perfect fit!! But there are a few things you should know--

The relationship I build with my couples means the world to me! Getting to know you and learning about your story allows me to capture you with real meaning. If you're looking for someone to show up on your wedding day, take a few pictures and leave, you can find someone who will do just that, and they'll probably be cheaper. I'm going to be the photographer sending you planning tips for months before your wedding, asking way too many questions about your day, and most likely stalking you on instagram as soon as you book with me and for the rest of time. On your wedding day I’ll be the photographer fixing your veil before you walk down the aisle, fluffing your dress before every picture, bawling during your vows and squeezing the crap out of you guys every chance I get. I don't think most people realize before their wedding, your photographer is usually the person you will spend the most time with during the day, so it's super important you feel a connection to that person and like them at least a little bit!

My goal is to make every session an experience. I want you to remember your engagement session as a super fun day where you got connect with each other and laugh your heads off together! And how cool that you happen to have beautiful pictures to remember that amazing day!!!! On your wedding day, taking more formal photos should be a time to slow down and take it all in. When you feel comfortable, relaxed and just enjoying the moment, the photos will show it!! And I'll be there to direct you through the entire process so there's never an awkward moment.

To me, it doesn't matter where you're getting married, what your style is, or how pretty your details are (don't get me wrong, I'm such a sucker for details, but that's not the most important thing!). I just care that you're stoked to have me as part of your wedding and you’re freaking giddy about marrying the love of your life!!! That's when the magic happens.

Fill out the form below and I'll send you my complete pricing guide.

wedding collections start at $3,200
elopements start at $1,200
engagement/couples session (booked without a wedding) $600

**when booked without a wedding, I only book engagement/couples sessions max 30 days in advance**

Still have questions?? Scroll down for some FAQs.


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Are you insured?


Oh yeah! If your venue requires insurance, please let me know as soon as possible so I can get a certificate to them with their specific requirements.


What will you do to protect our photos?


I love this question because to me keeping your photos safe is maybe the most important part of my job. I take lots steps to keep them safe--

1. I have a back up camera/lenses in case equipment fails during the day
2. I only shoot on cameras that write to 2 memory cards
3. I dump all cards the night of your wedding
4. I copy pictures to 3 different places
5. I don't delete the memory cards until photos are delivered
6. Because there’s no such thing as overkill, I keep the cards in a fireproof safe until delivered.


My fiance/partner doesn't like photos, is that ok??


Ahhhhhhh if I had a dollar for every person who told me they didn't like having their photo taken!! I know this is a very common thing, I do my best to make it a fun experience and more like us hanging out than posing for photos. I highly recommend doing an engagement session first! They will see how fun and easy it is. And for the engagement shoot, if there's anything that will make it easier for them, I'm all for it! Maybe bring pizza and beer?? Do photos somewhere they're super comfortable? Wear fake mustaches?


Have you shot at my venue? Does it matter?


I’ll let you know when you inquire if I’ve shot at your venue! However, it does not affect my ability to take photos if I've never shot there before. If I never have, I'll go there before your wedding to find the best spots for family photos, bride + groom photos, etc. It is my job to take amazing photos no matter where I am. I personally love shooting at new venues because I get to see everything with fresh eyes and let my creative juices flow.


We don't want our photos shared, is that ok?


I completely respect your privacy if you don't want your photos shared on my website + social media. However, the only way I can book new clients is by sharing my work (I'm guessing you wouldn't hire me if you hadn't seen any photos I've taken) so for this reason I charge an additional fee to not share your photos.


Will you provide us with guidance for photography as we plan?


Hell yes!!! I provide a guide on planning your day around light, how to make photos go super efficiently, and everything else I could think of on how to make your day go as smooth as possible. I also write blog posts on requested topics which you can find here.

I'll send more Even more Faqs in regards to my packages with my pricing.