hi, i’m jenny!!!

I’m originally from Gig Harbor, Washington, but currently based in Los Angeles (travel always welcome!!). I blame the PNW for my love of the mountains and SoCal for my love of the ocean. I can never get enough of being outside, which is one of the best parts about my job. The other is spending time with the happiest couples!!

A little more about me. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd (hufflepuff 4 lyf). I love tacos more than most people who say they love tacos. And margaritas. Parks and Rec is possibly the best show ever and Leslie Knope is my patronus. I just really like cute things (and I definitely use that word too much). Probably why I love photographing love stories, but also why I love anything in miniature. I could watch those videos of people cooking tiny foods forever. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is something to make your day better—


I have the cutest, silliest, most supportive boyfriend. He tells great stories and dances way better than I do. Loving him has been my favorite adventure and is what inspires me to capture all of life's intimate moments. I know how amazing it is to be in love and I want to freeze all those feelings in time. Everything from the adventures to epic landscapes to all the little details that show who you are. I love capturing all the candid moments, the way he looks at you, laughing your heads off together and sneaking kisses when no one is looking.


You don’t have to look a certain way, be getting married at a certain place, or love a certain type of person for us to be a good fit. I want to work with you if you feel connected to my work! We’ll vibe the best if you are super crazy in love and will be happy no matter what on your wedding day. If you stray away from tradition and are planning everything around YOU, instead of expectations. If you are down to hike a little out of the way for sunset, roll around on the beach, or run through some wild flowers, then yayyyyy!!! Me too! So let’s connect!

I hope you don’t look at my photos and think that everyone is experienced and just a natural in front of the camera, because that’s not the case at all! The number one thing I hear before a shoot is “we’re super awkward!” Most of my couples have never had their photos professionally taken before and I totally know how weird it can feel (I am also super awkward!). That’s why I will direct you through the entire process. It's probably my favorite part, getting you guys super comfortable and make it feel much more like we’re just hanging out. We’ll run around, tell stories and hopefully laugh a lot.


2019 travel

Let's SHOOT!!! (no travel fees)


Palm Springs, CA


Seattle, WA
Grand Canyon
Horseshoe Bend


Big Sur, CA
Bend, OR


Seattle, WA
Sandpoint, ID
Bozeman, MT


Joshua Tree, CA
Big Sur, CA
Yosemite National Park
Black Hills, SD


Bozeman, MT


San Diego, CA
San Luis Obispo, CA