a guide for what to wear

This is the number one thing I get asked by my couples, so here is allll the info!

This is long, but its not complicated, I promise! And if you don't want to read anymore, the short version is: wear what you're comfortable in. But if you're still not sure what to wear, here is the long version... 

I want you to show up to your shoot ready to be all over each other. I want it to be about the two of you connecting, being super lovey, and not worrying at all about your clothes. I put together this guide based on past experiences to help you feel comfortable while still feeling confident that you look amazing. To be clear, I have zero fashion sense, I wear vans everyday, so I am not here to tell you anything about fashion, just to give guidelines of what I've learned works best. These aren't rules and bottom line, you can show up wearing whatever you want!

They wore Vans and converse, but look how comfortable they are!

They wore Vans and converse, but look how comfortable they are!

First Things First

I want you to look and feel like yourselves. So that means wear clothes you normally wear. I don't recommend buying a brand new outfit for the shoot, because I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Usually that means something that's already in your closet.

In my opinion, photos of a couple in their favorite ripped jeans and band tee are better than photos of someone in the prettiest dress they couldn't move around in. Not saying you have to be super casual, just be yourselves!

If you like to dress up, dress up! If you're like me and you don't like dresses, then don't wear a dress! It will just make you feel awkward the whole time. You may be somewhere in between and that's great too! It actually brings me to my next point.


Bring options

Bring options! This helps in a few ways, for one, we can do multiple looks. Most of my couples want to do something more dressy and something more casual and I love it!

Another reason this is great is because we can pick and pull from your options to make sure we have the best combination for the two of you, and also for our environment. So bring as much as you want (within reason haha!...maybe aim for around 4-6 outfits) as long as you feel comfortable in all of it!

If we're going to the beach, I will 100% suggest getting in the water (of course this is completely up to you!) so swimsuits and towels are encouraged!

Keep in mind: depending on our location you may be changing in the back of the car or on the side of a trail. If that doesn't sound like your jam, that's ok, you're welcome to just bring one outfit. I just suggest texting me some pictures beforehand and I can make sure its a perfect fit for our location.



I’m a huge fan of accessories! Hats scarves, jewelry are all awesome!
My one exception to this is watches. Watches tend to be distracting (unless they’re small).

love how her dress caught the wind!

love how her dress caught the wind!

Keep it Real.

This probably goes without saying, but keep in mind where we will be shooting. If we're on a sandy beach, most shoes look weird (I'm a huge fan of going barefoot though). If we're hiking, bring comfortable shoes. If it's cold, bring layers. If it's hot, wear things that breathe (and maybe extra shirts because sweaty pits are real). This really comes back to my overall point, be as comfortable as you can be!


I love movement in photos and when clothing catches the wind it adds an energy to the photos. So I will give you lots of actions throughout the session and keep you moving. Keep this in mind as you pick your outfit and avoid clothes that are overly tight or stiff. This also comes back to being comfortable and not distracted or worried about your clothes staying in place. With the movement, heels are generally not a good idea, but if that is the best way to represent you, then that's great, wear them, and own it. 


Colors and Patterns

When you bring options of different colors and patterns we can pick and choose and it will be great. But here is the rundown. Neutral colors tend to compliment the environment the best. That doesn't mean you have to stick with gray and tan, just avoid really bright colors (they will detract attention from your face). Mustard, navy, forest green are all great examples of colorful neutrals that look amazing. If you're like me and you're paste-y white, I recommend staying away from oranges, pinks and reds as they reflect and give your skin a pink hue. If you have a more olive skin tone this won't be an issue. 

Think a bit about the location we're shooting when you pick colors. For example, if we're in the desert, avoid tans and light browns.

Avoid big, loud, chunky, crazy patterns. Usually the more subtle, the better. I have seen lots of patterns that look great in photos, so no need to totally shy away from them. In general, I don't want both of you in patterns because, you guessed it, it can be a distraction. But all rules can be broken and I have seen this totally work when the patterns are subtle. 

Here’s an example of outfits that don’t flatter the environment. They Blend in instead of standing out. I still think these two look great, but some color would have really popped against these rocks

Here’s an example of outfits that don’t flatter the environment. They Blend in instead of standing out. I still think these two look great, but some color would have really popped against these rocks



When I say props a lot of people's minds instantly go to cheesy Pinterest pictures of couples holding little chalkboards or blocks with their initials, but props don't have to cheesy! Props could be a blanket, a picnic, your dogs (if you have a dog, please bring it!), a truck/car, bikes, a bonfire, a bouquet, a surfboard, etc. The most important thing is that we represent the two of you, so if you have props you want to incorporate, let me know and we can do it in a non-cheesy way!


In-home sessions

All of the above applies, but in-home sessions are more cozy and intimate, so I always encourage dressing how you might at home. I recommend bringing options of tank tops, shorts, sweaters, and jeans to mix and match!


 that's everything!

Phew, we did it. Hopefully that gives you lots of info, but let me know if you have any questions at all! If you’re still freakin out about what to wear, feel free to shoot me a picture of some options or you can check out my Pinterest board for some inspo: 

 But overall, just wear what you’re comfortable in and feel like you in. If you feel like yourselves, the pictures will be amazing!